Do Hotels Accept American Express Cards as Payment?

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Do Hotels Accept American Express Cards as Payment?

If you plan on staying in a hotel any time soon, you might be wondering whether they take your American Express card as payment for the room.

So, do hotels accept American Express?

Generally speaking, hotels do accept American Express cards to pay for your room. This method of payment is very well recognised among travellers worldwide, and so most hotels do cater for it. 

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How to check if a hotel accepts American Express

With that said, it is always worth double checking.

Besides, not all hotels operate the same way and it only takes a moment to make sure.

Our platform of choice for searching among the most impressive range of hotels is Booking.com.

Once you’ve found the perfect hotel, scroll down and take a look at the “House rules” towards the bottom of the page.

Real life example

Let’s take this property in New York for example, The Gild Hall – A Thompson Hotel.

We simply found a hotel we liked the look of and then scrolled down until we found the House rules as illustrated below.

House Rules Example

Once you’ve navigated to the correct section on the page, you’ll be presented with some handy information such as check in times, age restrictions and so on.

Among all of this you will see something like the below screenshot – “Cards accepted at this hotel”, with some icons representing methods of payment that are allowed.

As you can see in this particular example, American Express is allowed, however there may be instances where it is not.

Card Accepted At This Hotel Example

Why use booking.com

Booking.com have a user-friendly interface, feature a huge range of hotels, have competitive prices and the majority come with free cancellation.

Not only do they offer great flexibility in terms of where you can stay, but you can really focus in on your preferences.

For example, you can sort your search by lowest price first, and enable other useful filters such as proximity to the city centre.

They’re one of the biggest booking sites in the world, so be sure to check out the comprehensive reviews guests have left behind to help you make your mind up.

We hope you found this helpful, and we hope you enjoy your trip!