Hotel rooms in Barcelona with 2 double beds

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Hotels in Barcelona with 2 double beds

If you plan on staying here any time soon, you might be wondering what hotels have 2 double beds in one room in Barcelona.

Well, we’ve done the research and here’s a full list of hotels for you to discover, starting with properties that rank the highest on Booking.com.


Barcelona hotel rooms with 2 double beds

Barcelona hotelDouble room typeReviewsCheck availability
Monument Hotel (5 star)2 king-sized beds9.3 / 10 (500+ reviews)Check availability
Sir Victor Hotel (5 star)2 king-sized beds8.9 / 10 (500+ reviews)Check availability
Hotel America Barcelona (4 star)2 king-sized beds8.8 / 10 (1,300+ reviews)Check availability
Gran Hotel Havana (4 star)2 queen-sized beds8.7 / 10 (2,000+ reviews)Check availability
Hotel Royal Passeig de Gracia (4 star)2 queen-sized beds8.5 / 10 (3,600+ reviews)Check availability
Hotel Vilamari (4 star)2 full-sized beds8.1 / 10 (600+ reviews)Check availability


As illustrated in the map and table above, there are a range of quality hotels with 2 double beds in one room in Barcelona.

The size of these double beds vary between king (largest), queen (middle) and full (smallest)

We hope you found this useful, and enjoy your trip!