Is Nice worth visiting?

Is Nice worth visiting? 

Nice is most definitely worth visiting and has something for everybody. With its vibrant street life and stunning seaside location, there’s no place quite like it in France. Visit at any time and you’ll be in with a good chance of sunshine.

Getting to and from Nice Airport

The distance from the airport to the city centre is roughly 8km. A taxi will take around 10 minutes if there’s no traffic and cost in the region of €20.

For those happy to take public transport including buses and trams – here’s everything you need to know about Nice’s Airport transport.

If you’d prefer to hire a car, there are many companies based at the airport and we recommend checking out Travel Supermarket’s Car Hire website to find the best deals.

Destinations along the French Riviera, including popular spots such as Monaco (21km away) are well-connected from the airport and centre. Other well known towns nearby include Cannes (40km) and St Tropez (119km).

Cost of living in Nice

ExamplesRough costSee more
Large beer€5.00See more
Inexpensive meal€15.00See more
Mid-range, 3 course meal for 2€50.00See more
Cappuccino€3.00See more
Budget hotel€40 - €80See more
Mid-range hotel€80 - €120See more
High-end hotel€120 +See more


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Year-round sunshine  

One of the many pulls to Nice is the fact you can visit at any time and be in with a good chance of sunshine!

In fact, you can expect over 300 days of it on any given year, and its particularly enjoyable outside of summer when it’s not too hot nor busy along the famous promenade.

Mediterranean magnetism  

Before everything else, there was the sea and the Mediterranean climate.

This made Nice a magnet for tourism as early as the 1700s, and it thrives off this glittering reputation.

It’s far too big to be considered a beach resort however and comes with everything you would expect from a major city: superb culture, shopping, eating and drinking, but also bad traffic among other potential downsides – all set against a backdrop of blue skies, sparkling sea and lush greenery. 

The Italian influence 

For any lover of French and Italian culture, Nice makes for the perfect place to be.

It’s been long associated with Italy and the influence remains everywhere you go.

Fresh pasta shops are on every corner and the local dialect is a real hybrid of both Ligerian Italian and Occitan French.

It’s not as expensive as everyone makes it out to be  

Many people are put off Nice by the glitz and glamour that comes with the Côte d’Azur.

And of course, you could spend a fortune here quite easily but there are plenty of budget options when it comes to accommodation and general spends.

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The promenade and beaches

The Promenade des Anglais is around 7km long and one of the most iconic roads in France.

It was popularised by the English expats in the 19th century, and is full of bars and restaurants, street artists and so on.

The simple joys of a balmy beach day coupled with looking over the promenade is incomparable.

It’s all happening by the water, and this city makes a great place to watch the world go by. 

Panoramic views

 With such a stunning seaside location, you’ll most likely be interested in how you can get some amazing views of the city and surrounding countryside.

We recommend heading to Castle Hill for some of the best panoramic views in town without having to hike too far. 

Amazing art

Nice is a city full of artistic flair.

Probably best known and connected to the place was Henri Matisse – making Nice his home for 37 years and leaving behind a superstar museum with many more to explore.

Cheap flights to Nice 

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