Is Stockholm worth visiting?

Is Stockholm worth visiting?

The Swedish capital is one of the most stylish in Europe, and the locals call their city “beauty on water”. From top fashion and design to having a constant fresh sea breeze – Stockholm is well worth a visit at any time of year.

Impeccable style

The sense of style here is legendary, and almost a given everywhere you go.

Even what seems like an average, humble coffee shop is usually on point with their lighting, cups and so on!

Handmade, local goods are also cherished in Stockholm, and if you’re looking for an escape to help give your life a bit of a makeover, this is the city to do it in.

If it’s fashion you’re into, this is too the place to be to see new trends hitting the shop fronts and the streets.

Great food

With Stockholm being surrounded by deep-blue waters, lush fields and forests – it’s no surprise that food is a real passion here.

This is a city with a curious, open-minded palate – and whatever the global trend Stockholm will be well ahead of the curve.

Traditional dishes such as fried herring, meatballs or buttery toast skagen are equally loved – often with a modern twist thanks to the legion of young, ambitious chefs.

Another very Swedish thing to do is to stop off for a “fika” at a “fik”.

This basically means meeting up for a coffee and a piece of cake or pastry, and you’ll find some of the best baked goods in Stockholm.

Easy to get around

Although it is spread across 14 islands, it’s a relatively compact space and walking is often the easiest and best way to get around.

Public transport is also very smooth and efficient as you would expect in Scandinavia – covering all corners of the city.

What’s more, the vast majority of locals speak great English – so you’ll never feel alone even if you were to get lost in Stockholm!


In terms of cultural assets, the city of Stockholm is ludicrously rich.

The oldest district, Gamla Stan best demonstrates this with a stunning royal palace, picturesque buildings and narrow cobblestone streets.

It’s certainly one of Europe’s most enchanting, beautifully preserved historic centres.

Outside the centre, world-class museums and galleries are a plenty including the story of the Vikings to Abba and forward-thinking contemporary art.

This ever-evolving city is also very modern however, and this mix makes it one of our favourite, most inspiring cities to visit.

Fresh air

Build on no fewer than 14 islands, where the fresh water of Lake Malaren meets the Baltic Sea – fresh air and open space are everywhere in Stockholm.

Besides, one-third of the city it made up of water, whilst another third is made up of parks and woodlands.

The constant sea breeze makes this city a delightful place to roam around.

Easily reachable from the UK and beyond

If you’re reading this post from the UK – you’ll be glad to know that there are a good range of airports that fly here directly all year round, including some budget airlines.

Is Stockholm worth visiting?

Absolutely yes, Stockholm is one of the prettiest cities in Europe and it is always evolving making it a really exciting place to visit.

There’s the hustle of bustle of the city which is also surrounded by waters and greenery, so it’s the perfect contrast in that sense.

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