Where do Virgin Atlantic fly to from Edinburgh Airport?

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Where do Virgin Atlantic fly to from Edinburgh Airport?

If you’re based in or close to Scotland, you might be wondering where you can fly to with this particular airline.

So, where do Virgin Atlantic fly to from Edinburgh?

With Virgin Atlantic (and their close airline partners), you can currently fly directly to the following destinations from Edinburgh:

Virgin Atlantic's direct flight schedule from Edinburgh airport

DestinationLatest flight scheduleAverage flight timeBrowse flightsBrowse holidays
Bridgetown (Barbados)Up to April 20228hr 45mBrowse flightsBrowse holidays
Orlando (USA)From March 20229hrBrowse flightsBrowse holidays
New York (USA)From May 20227hr 30mBrowse flightsBrowse holidays
Boston (USA)From May 20228hr 30mBrowse flightsBrowse holidays


As Delta airlines own Virgin, some of their flights are technically operated by Delta, but can be booked on Virgin Atlantic’s website using the links above.

These flights from Edinburgh include New York and Boston, whilst the Barbados and Orlando routes are operated by Virgin Atlantic themselves.

And if you’re willing to stop off at another destination on your way, there are plenty more destinations to be explored.

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