How strict are easyJet with hand luggage 2021?

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How strict are easyJet with hand luggage?

We’ve all been there pre-flight – just how strict are easyJet with hand luggage size and weight?

As the first to specialise in short haul flight alerts, it’s a question we’re often asked by our members, and here’s the latest including their latest change in February 2021.

easyJet now state that unless you pay for an upfront or extra legroom seat, you’ll be limited to one small under seat cabin bag. For a full-size hand luggage bag, you’ll need to pay for the privilege and so they are likely to be strict enforcing these rules.

And if you’re looking for a great value, full-size carry on which fits perfectly within easyJet’s limits, we recommend this one on Amazon.

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easyJet’s hand luggage allowance’s 2021

easyJet’s hand luggage policy depends on your seat selection, and if you don’t pay for an upfront or extra legroom seat you’ll be limited to the following:

Free allowance – 45 x 36 x 20 cm (including any wheels or handles with no weight limit)

If you do decide to pay for an upfront or extra legroom seat, you’ll be allowed to bring a full-size carry on as follows:

 Full-size hand luggage allowance – 56 x 45 x 25 cm (including any wheels or handles with no weight limit) 

You’ll also be able to bring on board the smaller bag, as defined above for the free allowance.

easyJet hand luggage liquids

Like all major airlines, easyJet allow liquids in your hand luggage as long as they are contained with a volume of no more than 100ml.

In addition to this, all liquids must be held in a transparent, resealable plastic bag.

An EasyJet flight from the sky

My bag is slightly oversized, should I risk it?

This is probably the most common question when it comes to easyJet’s hand luggage.

And there’s only one simple answer.

They have rules which you must adhere to, otherwise you risk having to pay extra.

You’ll find pages and pages of opinions online, with a whole range of stories on whether people got away with an extra centimetre or not – but the truth is you’ll never know until the day.

Other people’s experiences are irrelevant, especially given that their latest rules have only recently been introduced, so they are likely to be monitoring the situation closely.

If your bag is checked and doesn’t fit in the sizer, you’ll be forced to pay extra.

Money which could have been invested in a decent bag for future flights that is the perfect size if you pay for an upfront or extra legroom seat.

With all that said – if you are to take the risk with a slightly oversized bag – make sure your bag is soft-edged, like a backpack for instance.

That way you’ll have a better chance of squeezing your luggage into the sizer if needs be.

How lenient are EasyJet with hand luggage

Does checking-in online make a difference?

If you’re risking it with an over-sized bag, then checking in online absolutely makes a difference.

By checking-in online you’re more likely to get through the gate before boarding.

By not checking-in online, you give yourself a better chance of being asked questions at the easyJet desk!

Besides, you should always check-in online if you plan on taking hand luggage only for your holiday.

This way you’ll have plenty of time to get tackle security and relax in the airport.

The best hand luggage for easyJet flights

This Aerolite suitcase has been made especially for easyJet and other airlines who share the same dimensions.

It’s huge and this ensures you maximise your allowance.

What’s more, it’s available for a great price starting at around £39.99!

EasyJet checked-in baggage allowance

If after reading this post you are now thinking about paying to have your luggage placed in the hold, here’s the deal:

The price of your checked-in baggage depends on your destination and where you book.

Online the costs starts at around £10, compared to the bag drop desk where you’ll have to pay around £40.

It is therefore advisable to book online at the time you book your flights.

If you don’t buy checked baggage, a fee of around £50 per item will be charged at the gate – plus any additional excess baggage charges where applicable.

For more details you can check out easyJet’s terms and conditions and scroll down to “bags” at the bottom of the page here.

Conclusion – how strict are easyJet with hand luggage?

Rules are rules, and you’re vulnerable to easyJet’s hand luggage policy if you don’t have a bag within the limits.

It is of course best to comply, and so we recommend checking out our favourite easyJet hand luggage for a great value solution allowing you to maximise your allowance.

That said, if your bag is soft-sided, only slightly over the limits and you’re happy to take the risk – then there’s a chance you might just get away with it!